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Price from: $28 | Deadline: 6 hours | Discount: NO | Refunds: ✔️ | Quality: Average makes a grand promise of always delivering superb quality. Even so, writemyessay4me reviews say the exact opposite – that this service is not good. Their site looks attractive enough to convince anyone to order, and the service promises to write essays for money within the shortest deadlines possible.

It all sounds perfect, but what about all those testimonials and negative writemyessay4me reviews? Feedback is not something you should take lightly, which is why we add this detailed evaluation to the numerous reviews you can find online. 

Provided services

This part makes the writemyeessay4me website a bit tricky and disorganized. There’s no full list. They charge the same for all types of writing, editing, and slides. The price depends only on the deadline and the academic level.

As if this isn’t strange enough, writemyessay4me hasn’t even bothered to create a service page. So, to check what they have to offer you have to visit the order form.

Now, this part went well. has a big, big list of writing services. To complete this list, they probably have to hire plenty of experts. They offer the services for all levels from high school to PhD, and within deadlines of only hours.

To be able to take on such a variety of services, the essay writer employed here must have a very good background and experience. Judged by the rating on sites like Reddit and some other reviews we came across, this isn’t really what happens here.

Prices and Discounts

Fifteen dollars is not at all pricey for a high school level paper and a deadline of only 10 days. This makes write my essay 4 me a cheap choice. Unfortunately, in most cases where prices are so cheap, the companies lack in quality. Ergo, the negative write my essay 4 me reviews.

A high school student gets the best quote, while a PhD student has to pay a higher price. Still, $28 per page is by far a more attractive quote than most companies offer. This is probably the part where write my essay 4 me attracts a big number of customers.

Still, we urge you not to avoid the write my essay 4 me reviews. The following parts are the reason why these are negative. Also, there’s the discounts issue. There’s only mention of ‘regular discounts’, but no details whatsoever. As a service that says it’s one of the best essay services, this is a very big issue.

No one ever explained this to us or provided us with a discount code. They tell you that when you subscribe you’ll get codes regularly, but two months later, and we still haven’t gotten a single code.

Papers Quality

The papers quality is the reason for all those reviews and for the low rating we chose to give this service. It’s really bad, not even worth the low quotes. Paper quality is where this company lacks the most, most probably because of their writers.

Writers aren’t really experienced here. But, the worst part is, they aren’t really fluent, either. The service probably had to hire non-natives to be able to charge the rates they do, which resulted in a ridiculous paper. Some of the mistakes made it barely comprehensive and at times, literally funny.

It was a serious topic, so this definitely shouldn’t have happened.

Customer support

Support is supposed to handle this kind of issues, but they didn’t. The non-stop support is reachable non-stop, but they aren’t helpful at all. It is as if they don’t exist at all. We spoke with them on several occasions, each time trying to explain our problem. We never received a refund or a revision, only automated answers and some poorly crafted explanations. These were, once again, written by people with really poor English skills.

Online reputation

The online reputation has proved to be, once more, very accurate in this case. Students have spoken their mind about this company and they weren’t wrong. Our reputation was equally bad and at this point, we can confirm that this service isn’t half as trustworthy as they present themselves to be. Their prices are indeed attractive, but the quality of service and writers is really low.

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