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Offering you the best custom writing service, topessaywriting.org seems like the perfect choice for your academic assignments. However, in our experience of writing reviews, we have learned not to trust every promise we come across, since most services promise a lot, but deliver very little.

To confirm the promises of this company, we decided to take a closer look. Our evaluation consists of checking every feature the company has, starting with services and prices to customer support and quality of papers. In order to do this, we take our time to look into their website, place our order with the website and wait for content delivery.

Are you interested in finding out what we now know about the company? If yes, read our topessaywriting.org review and see if this company is worth your time and money.

Services Offered by Topessaywriting

The first thing to check in a writing company is the services they offer.

Students often make the mistake of only checking if the company delivers the paper they need. If you are considering a service for your regular content provider, you need to look for one that offers it all – every paper you will need throughout your education.

So, the ideal writing service would be one that can deliver every paper you need, for any academic level you will be enrolled into the point where you finish your education. This is important since finding a reliable company can be a lengthy process. Also, seeing that most companies have loyalty programs, it is best for you to order all your papers from one place.

In this case, we were not very satisfied with the company’s services list. Topessaywriting does offer the most commonly assigned papers such as essays, term papers, research papers, theses and dissertations. What they fail to offer are less commonly assigned papers, many of which you will be given to write throughout your education.

In addition, the company offers only dissertations as a full paper and does not give students the opportunity to order separate chapters. Seeing that this paper is lengthy and comes at a high cost, students may find it impossible to pay for such complex papers from this service.

All things considered, this company has a solid list of writing services, but we cannot rank it very high when compared to other companies. Many companies offer over 20 different types of services, which makes them a better choice for regular customers.

Even so, if the company delivers the highest quality papers they offer, this list should not be a barrier for students. Let’s find out.

Topessaywriting Prices

Prices at topessaywriting.org are affordable. When compared to other services, these can be considered cheap prices.

This brings many other questions. Are there any additional costs? Do the same prices apply to all papers? And most importantly – can the company deliver the highest quality content for such a small fee?

The starting price at topessaywriting website is $12.99. From what we could see in the price list, this price applies to all papers, regardless of the complexity. However, you are given the choice to pick between different academic levels and prices increase accordingly.

For example, the starting price for the sophomore is $15.15 per page, while a paper with the same deadline costs $19.55 for doctoral academic level.

The longest deadline option is 14 days for all academic levels and types of paper. This is not very suitable since students may wish to order a paper earlier to get a better price. Still, their fastest deadline option is only 6 hours, which is good for students fighting the tightest deadlines.

Students are often on a limited budget, which means they cannot afford to spend a small fortune on academic papers. All things considered, this company offers good prices for students.

Discounts and Features on Topessaywriting

At this point, there is a discount code for newcomers that provides you with 20% discount on your order. Otherwise, we found no permanent first-order discount options on the website.

The only fixed discounts we found were those from the loyalty program. This program is different from everything we have evaluated in our reviews, in the sense that discounts do not apply to accumulated pages, but to accumulated orders.

Customers get 5% off every following order after 5 orders, 10% after 10 orders and 15% after 15 orders, regardless of the size or type of your ordered papers.

This policy is positive in the sense that you do not have to order hundreds of pages to get higher on the discount scale. However, it does mean that you would have to pay the full price when ordering your first 5 papers, before you get enrolled in the discount program.

As for features, the company offers the commonly given add-ons by writing services: outline, unlimited amendments, title page, bibliography, plagiarism check and formatting. They say that every customer saves $70.94 with these free features, which is a bit exaggerated. All these features do not cost this much, but they are most certainly appreciated.

Customer Support and Site Usability

The website was easy to navigate, filled with all the information we needed, and well designed. Finding all information we needed to write our topessaywriting.org review was extremely easy.

Use the e-mail, phone number or live chat option to get in touch with the service. These three options are offered by the majority of writing servicess, but what we are trying to see here is whether the customer support is professional enough and can assist you whenever you need them.

In this case, we are satisfied with the customer service. The company’s agents did a good job answering all our questions and they were highly professional and effective, as well as prompt in serving us every time we got in touch.

As for the e-mail contact option, we got a reply two days after we sent our e-mail. We would not recommend this option to students who need immediate assistance from the customer support service.

The phone agent was a bit incomprehensive, which made us believe that he was not a native English speaker. Still, this does not indicate that the company has non-native English writers. In order to determine this, we have to look into the quality level of their writers. Keep reading this Topessaywriting company review to see what we found out.

Quality Level of Writers on Topessaywriting

After careful consideration of the pricing and services offered by the company, we decided to order a case study from the service. Seeing that their deadline options are very limited, we wanted to check if the company could deliver such time-consuming tasks within two weeks only.

After receiving our paper, we concluded that the company does hire native English writers, since there was nothing to proofread or edit in our paper. However, we found the paper to be a bit below the academic level we ordered it for, which is why we decided to ask for free revisions.

When we asked for a revision, we demanded that the writer checks our requirements once again. He failed to do the proper referencing style, as well as include the number of sources needed for our paper to be perfect.

This was the hard part. Even though the customer service was very professional when we started evaluating them for this review, we had to wait for hours until the agent approved our revision request.

After the revision, we found the paper to be of good quality. Not of the highest quality, but definitely worth the quote we paid. This company is a solid source of good papers for cheap prices.


If you want your paper written within the deadline, topessaywriting.org can deliver on this. In addition, you can pay a cheap price for what we consider to be average quality paper, with unlimited revisions until the point where you find the paper to be as you want it to be.

The customer service at Topessaywriting is easy to reach, except for the e-mail option. Additionally, we find their loyalty program to be very inviting, even better than the most common programs that accumulate pages, not orders. This makes for quite a bargain when it comes to pricing, especially since the company charges the same for every type of paper you order.

The biggest disadvantage of the company is the lack of academic paper types, seeing that they only offer a limited list of services. This may not be the best choice if you want to order a variety of papers from the same source. In addition, we could not find a permanent first-order discount, which means that you may have to pay a full price for the first five papers, until the point where you get 5% off due to the loyalty program.

Topessaywriting.org is a legit writing service worth looking into. If you do not need the highest quality papers, you can pay a cheap price here and get a good paper within your deadline.

Offering you the best custom writing service, topessaywriting.org seems like the perfect choice for your academic assignments. However, in our experience of writing reviews, we have learned not to trust every promise we come across, since most services promise a lot, but deliver very little.

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  1. Whipple

    The quality of their work is quite good. Even so, needed a few edits to be made and they vanished. They won’t return my emails only the next day. Improve you customer support!

  2. Kendra

    Top Essay Writing Review is not that Top. My Geography essay was a mess. They didn’t respect my guidelines and I had to remake the entire essay. Apart from that, once I got the essay, they disappeared. Six days passed and I still didn’t manage to get in contact with them.

  3. Gates

    If you are seeking for a high-quality dissertation, Top Essay Writing is not a service I would recommend. They can get you through college, but you won’t get any scholarship. Thank you for helping me get through college.

  4. Lowe

    Top Essay Writing is not a service that will make you stand out. They deliver good enough quality essay, but they still need improvements. For the next essays, I would recommend better researches, guys. Also, improve your customer support response time.

  5. Jackson

    There was nothing I’d say was ‘top’ about the service I got here. The paper quality was so-so, the prices were high and the agents were very, very slow.

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