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Price from: $12.99 | Min.Deadline: 3 hours | Discount: 16% | Refunds: Yes | Quality: low quality

What is

For a company with a retention rate of over 92% as the website says, Smart Custom Writing is very unpopular on the Web. This is a writing company that specializes in crafting academic papers. They sell all sorts of assignments, as well as offer various services including writing, editing, and proofreading. However, despite the many good reviews they chose to publish on the website, the reputation of this company doesn’t even come close to what they showcase.

We know this because, in addition to reading the Smart Custom Writing reviews on the website, we also read some outside of it. It seems that you can hardly find a single positive Smart Custom Writing review outside their pages. If you are interested to learn about our experience, keep reading this review below.

Prices and Discounts

Academic papers at SmartCustomWriting cost very little compared to other similar companies. They charge a minimum quote of:

  • $12.99 per page for most academic papers for high school students,
  • $14.99 per page for undergraduate students
  • $21.99 per page for graduate students

The closer your deadline, the higher these prices get. But, in addition to being affordable to begin with, prices at SmartCustomWriting get more and more attractive thanks to the numerous offered discounts. They have lifetime discounts between 5% and 15% that are activated once you spend a selected sum on the website. You get 5% off once you make a total of $399 and 15% off once you make a total of $799 on the site.

In addition to this offer, there is a 16% discount that pops up on the screen once you spend some time on the website. We didn’t find many mentions about this in SmartCustomWriting reviews, so chances are that not many students got this offer. Even so, the rates are quite affordable.

Quality of Papers

There’s usually a reason why a company charges less than reasonable prices. In this case, it is the quality. The assignment we received from was less than average in terms of quality. It was a research paper for college level and a deadline of 4 days. The paper completely missed the topic, it lacked many references, and contained a lot of plagiarism. They never approved a free revision, but even if they did, we don’t see how they could improve this paper without rewriting it altogether.

Revisions and Refunds

We requested a revision based on the poor quality and a refund based on the plagiarism we found. The company did nothing to fix this issue, which is why they get such low rating in our SmartCustomWriting review. Even though some guarantees are mentioned, they don’t seem to stick to their promises of guaranteed delivery, originality, and even quality.


This is one of the few good things we have to mention in this SmartCustomWriting review – the privacy offered. Like many other companies that sell papers, this one also keeps your information safe. We don’t see many students submitting the plagiarized papers they get here, but even if they did, none of our information was revealed to third parties when we used this company.

Online Reputation

The testimonials of other customers resemble ours in every sense. Many students have spoken poorly about this company, describing how badly their papers turned out or telling people about the troubles they had with the customer support. If you look into their site, you’ll think that is legit, safe, and guarantees just about everything. But, in reality, they don’t guarantee a thing.

Based on all this, we established that this company is not to be trusted. Their low prices can be tempting for customers, but you shouldn’t rush to order just because the site looks good or their discounts are attractive. In reality, this company offers very little to its customers. Their quality of papers is average or below it, they take no action when things go wrong, and the support is very rude and unprofessional if you have complaints about the service.

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