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Price from: $12 | Min.Deadline: 3 hours | Discount: 30% | Refunds: Yes | Quality: low quality

What is describes itself as a ‘’reliable company that offers custom paper writing services’’. This is something many students look for these days. They search a company that delivers original, quality content on time. But since companies tend to exaggerate on their websites and use big promises to reel customers in, we always take a closer look in what they have to offer.

A closer look of the website for this Paper Help review showed us that the company is highly rated and very affordable. However, a peak outside of it i.e. by reading PaperHelp reviews from people who’ve posted testimonials online showed us that the service is far from top rated.

This made it hard to establish the rating for this review. Because of it, we proceeded to order from the company and see for ourselves which side of the reviews paints the right picture.

Prices and Discounts

Paper Help is a very cheap company. Their initial price is only $10 per page for high school, $12 for college, $18 for university, and $20 for PhD students. These rates apply to the longest deadline of 20 days. Since this is less likely to be assigned to, let’s say, a high school student essay, here are some other examples of their prices:

  • High school papers within a week cost $17 per page
  • College papers within 2 weeks cost $14 per page
  • University papers within 3 days cost $28 per page
  • PhD dissertations within 3 days cost $32 per page

One of the strangest things about the pricing that we should mention in this PaperHelp review is that the same price applies to any paper you order. Whether you order a PhD essay or a complicated dissertation, the pricing is the same. This is a low-priced service to begin with, and such system makes the pricing even stranger.

Don’t expect any great discounts on this site. The prices are so low that they can’t really offer the big welcome discounts or loyalty programs that other companies have. They only have bulk discounts – you can get 5% or 10% if you make an order over $500 or $1000, respectively. These are one-time offers.

Quality of Papers

When we received our first order, we realized why customers left such bad Paper Help reviews online – the writers are hardly competent enough to handle academic content, not to mention English writing. The person who did our paper for this PaperHelp review was obviously not even fluent in the language. Even if he had a good writing style, it was hard to notice it because of the strange mistakes and many, many sentences that made no sense.

Half of the references used in the paper did not belong in it. They weren’t related to the topic in any way, and some were even incomplete. For example, online resources were not given with a link, so we couldn’t verify if they were legit.

When we put the paper in a scanner, we found 27% plagiarism in it, too. This is unacceptable for a writing company, no matter how little they charge.

Revisions and Refunds

The plagiarism itself should have been a good enough reason for PaperHelp to refund us fully. However, they rejected this immediately. We expected to receive at least a free revision considering that we paid extra to get one of their good writers (you are given low prices, but if you want a more experienced writer, you need to pay more). They never provided this, either.


This might just be the one good thing about the company, but what good it is if you cannot submit what they wrote for you? Even though they keep information confidential for customers, the paper quality is really bad.

Online Reputation

PaperHelp is a company that offers low prices, but because of it, their quality suffers greatly. Customers are reeled in with very low rates that can swiftly become much higher if you add the extras (or pick a better writer). Even if you do, there are no guarantees that things will go well. In our case and in that of many who have left testimonials about this company, the papers were of really bad quality.

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