How Much Does It Cost to Have Someone Write Your Essay in 2020?

Many professors fail to see a fact: students are not buying essays because they are lazy. When an essay is important for your grade but you cannot complete it, what can you do? The only reasonable solution is to pay to have someone write your paper.

What’s the first thing you’re interested in before hiring an academic writing service? – The essay price! You follow an important budgeting rule: spend as little money as possible, but get the best value for it.

The essay writing industry responds to the demands of its target audience. They know that they are dealing with buyers who prefer affordable prices. That’s why various companies enable buying essays for low quotes per page. We’re talking about $15 as a reasonable minimum to pay for one page of high-quality writing. Yes; there are services with cheaper prices than that. But you want to aim for affordable and valuable; not cheap and useless.

Let’s discuss the cost of writing a research paper in detail, shall we?

Essays Online to Buy: How Much Does It Cost?

If you decide to buy an essay in 2020, the price will depend on several factors:

1. Is it a custom-written or a paraphrased college paper?  

If you have someone to write an essay for you, many agencies will give you two options: paraphrasing or writing an essay from scratch.

You’ll notice that most of the top essay writing websites do not include paraphrasing in their offer. They don’t consider that service to be a fit for their professional writers. But if you see this option included, the cost of an essay will depend on your choice.

Paraphrasing/rewriting is more affordable, since the writer doesn’t put any creativity into their work. They use a few online sources to paraphrase. They don’t include the references. Although this is a more affordable service, it’s also very risky. If you’re looking for essays online to buy, we recommend you to pay for writing from scratch.

2. What type of paper do you need?

A dissertation will usually cost more than a university essay. If you need a programming assignment, the price will be higher. 

Most writing websites offer a price chart with quotes per page. They change when you set the first parameter: the type of paper you need.

3. What’s your level?

You’ll notice something else in the price chart: it lets you set the level of your paper.

  • High school level essays are more affordable than a graduate-level paper.
  • Choose the professional level according to your needs. If you need a college essay, there’s no need to choose PhD quality. The style might be too much. But if you’re looking for theses and dissertations, you can’t set a college quality requirement. Always opt for the highest level. 

4. What deadline do you plan to set?

Most writing websites stick to reasonable deadlines, ranging from 10 days to 3-6 hours. If you plan to set a very short deadline, the essay writing cost will be higher.

The deadline has to be realistic. Some agencies allow you to set a 1-hour deadline for a 5-page graduate school paper. That’s not possible. The best services won’t allow the shortest deadlines for complex and long papers. 

5. What’s the length of your paper?

The per-page pricing system is fair both to the writers and to you as a customer. The quotes you see in the chart are for one page of content (usually around 275 words). Naturally, the 2 page essay cost will be lower than the 5 page essay cost.

6. What academic writing service do you plan to hire?

Finally, the price differs between essay help websites. Some of them are affordable, and others are even cheaper.

If we look at some of the best writing services, the average price for an essay ranges from $17 to $65 per page. Anything above $70 is too much. Some companies will try to convince you that you get better quality for such an essay price, but the best services we’ve tried are actually affordable.

Now, let’s talk about the other extreme: prices that are too cheap. Keep in mind that the cost of your paper should cover the writer’s pay and a percentage needed for the company’s maintenance. Do you think that a pro writer with a PhD degree would write you the lowest price essay?

Is It Safe to Buy Cheap Essay?

We don’t deny the fact that a low price essay writing service can be really good and safe. But how do you understand the term low essay writing price? If you have a budget of $10, then you might be able to hire a cheap essay writer for an essay of a single page. But you shouldn’t expect great quality. There are cheap writing services that charge from around $15 per page and deliver great quality. You’ll need to read reviews and check out the terms before you make a purchase. If you make a good choice, you can hire a good author to write your essay cheap.

How to Buy an Essay Online

The essay price is important, but you’re also concerned about your safety and satisfaction.

To get an affordable custom essay that meets your standards, follow these recommendations:

  1. Hire a service that guarantees to write essays for students from scratch. Do not rely on services that include paraphrasing/rewriting in their offer.
  2. If you’re wondering where to buy the paper, you should start by reading essay writing services reviews. Reviews and testimonials based on real experience give you something more than info about the prices: actual information about the quality.
  3. Never trust the so-called mills that offer essays for sale. Those are sold to multiple customers, so you risk getting caught for plagiarism.
  4. Don’t focus solely on the price. Buying cheap essays is important, but getting great quality is crucial. Check the ratings. It’s okay to pay a bit more if the value of the college essays is much higher.