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Price from: $21.33 | Deadline: 3 hours | Discount: NO | Refunds: ✔️ | Quality: Good

With their non-stop customer service and the 24-hour order tracking system, it is no wonder why so many students decide to trust with their assignments. So did we – partly to see why this company has become such a hype since it began writing papers on the market, partly to gather the information we need to write this review. You are in luck – we now know everything there is to know about them, and you are about to learn it, too.

Services Offered

This is where lost some of the points we give writing companies – their list. The list on is not all-so-bad, but it is fairly limited. As the name tells you, this company helps students with homework-related tasks, such as essays, multiple choice questions, lab reports, statistics projects, math/ physics/ economics/ statistics projects, coursework, etc.
We were a bit disappointed when we didn’t see some popular papers like term papers and research papers here but, after all, this is a homework writing service. We believe that it is better to offer a few paper types and do them well, then to order a myriad of them without the needed team to handle it well.
After we spoke to the customer support, we learned that Homework-Desk accepts paper orders that aren’t on the list, too. But, not having them listed on the order form is a disadvantage.


That was it! The only disadvantage we found. When we had the chance to see the prices for this Homework Desk review, we had the best surprise of them all – this popular company is actually a cheap one. You won’t find a detailed list, but only the starting prices on the site. But, don’t let these mislead you – the discounts here make the prices even better, so your best chance at seeing what the paper would cost you is to try to place an order – this is where you will get a quote.

Discounts and Features

New customers get the highest discounts returning customers can get whenever they order a paper. It goes like this – the first time you order from Homework Desk, you get 15% off. The second and any following time, you get 5% off – until you order 50 pages. When you do, you get 10% off all following orders, until you order 101 page. Finally, you get that 15% discount again, but this time for an unlimited time. Loyalty discounts are lifelong discounts.
If this weren’t enough to convince us that Homework-Desk is affordable, there are also the features. In addition to the many free features you aren’t asked to pay for, you can also add some other features to your order. These come at very cheap prices, too.

Customer Support and Site Usability

As we said, we spoke to the support agents when we asked about the services list. The agent’s communication was highly professional – we liked talking to the friendly support representative and especially enjoyed that he bothered so much as to call us and guide us throughout the form!

Quality Level of Writers

Finally, we ordered our own paper to check the quality level of writers and complete our Homework Desk review. This was the best part – it proved to us why this company is so trendy among students and why people say that their prices are too cheap for the quality.
We ordered an essay but only gave the writer two days to write it. Not only did he do this, but we were able to track the progress at all times, and got an offer for free revisions after the delivery. Since we didn’t find any big flaw with the essay, plagiarism or mistakes in the writing, we decided to leave it be – we accepted the paper without any request for a revision.


High paper quality beats limited services list, especially when the prices are so realistic as they are here. Homework-desk is mainly focused on aiding you with homework-related tasks, but they are more than willing to take on any other task you won’t find on their original list. They have a great customer support service and a website – making it easy to order from them regularly.

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  1. Therainged

    I really liked the paper homework-desk wrote for me. They delivered it a day before, which was very helpful. With new companies, I tend to worry until I get the paper and getting it before a deadline was unusual and a relief.

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