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Price from: $30.95 | Deadline: 12 hours | Discount: No | Refunds: Yes | Quality: Average

What is Essay Writers World?

EssayWritersWorld is an academic company that offers writing, editing and proofreading services to students of different levels. We started our research by checking review after review to determine how popular/ unpopular they are with students. It turned out that you can rarely find an impressive review because this isn’t a popular service. They have a messy website and even messier reputation.

We still gave them a chance and ordered from the service. To learn all about Essaywritersworld, keep reading.

Prices and discounts

The discounts at Essaywritersworld are minimal which is disappointing because the prices aren’t very appealing to begin with. For example, a high school essay written in 8 days costs almost $21 for a page. The discount reduced this price to $19.89 per page. A graduate essay with that same deadline is $22.99 per page, while if you order it with shorter deadline of 2 days, the price is $30 for a page.

As you can see, this is an expensive service. Its prices resemble those of high-rated companies, but since it lacks their popular and generous discounts, it remains unattractive based on affordability. After paying such prices, we were very hopeful about the quality. Read on to see what we discovered.

Quality of papers

Quality is the main determinant of the rating of companies in our essay writing services reviews because of the obvious reasons – it is what you go to these companies for. has such steep prices, you’d believe that their quality must be best among the competition. But it is not.

We found several mistakes on each page of our research paper. There was a part that was almost fully copied from another source, which resulted in a 21% plagiarism in our scanner. That’s unacceptable for any service, not to mention one that charges over $20 for a page with included discounts.

The quality of the content can be considered average or even good in some parts, but it is far from a good fit with the pricing of

Revisions and Refunds

We had some complaints, especially about the plagiarism issue, so we spoke to the support of this service. Essay writers world has a non-stop live chat service. They even say on the website: ‘chat with support for extra discount’. In our case, they granted us 5% on top of what the website automatically reduces, which was still a very poor offer.

Even though we had a plagiarism issue, which is said to be covered with a guarantee, they never did a free revision or sent us any kind of a refund. We didn’t even get a discount for future orders like some other companies do. Apparently, 21% of plagiarism does not make you eligible for their revisions and refunds. If not, what does?

Confidentiality has many websites that have a lot of content, but say nothing specific. Their discount page is one example for this. There’s an entire page speaking of how generous their discounts are without any specifics. They also speak of guarantees throughout the pages, but once again, nothing specific.

There is no comment or indication that they break their confidentiality guarantee, but since this isn’t specified in details, we are still a bit sceptic about it.

Online Reputation

The quality offered by is good, but not impressive. They charge big sums for academic writing, so this is very unacceptable. We found some plagiarism in the order, but they failed to provide us with their guaranteed revisions and refunds. On top of it all, their discount programs are unclear and in our experience, they are not very generous with their customers. The online reputation of this service is very similar to our experience, so we cannot vouch for or recommend them to students.

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