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Price from:$22.23 | Deadline: 1 hour | Discount: NO | Refunds: ✔️ | Quality: Average is described as a “one-of-a-kind essay writer search platform.” It means that instead of placing an order and letting the company pick your writer, you’re the one who takes care of the hiring process. Is it a one-of-a-kind service? No. There are many other bidding services on the market. We have to say that that’s not our favorite model, since the student wastes a lot of time interviewing one writer after another.

The reviews are mixed. Some students are lucky to hire the right writer, but most aren’t. We decided to give it a try, so we can share a detailed review with you.

Prices and Discounts

The problem with Essaywriter is that you never know how much your paper will cost. It may be more affordable when compared to traditional writing services. But if you want a more qualified writer, you’ll end up paying more.

In our case, we set a deadline of 10 days for a simple argumentative essay. None of the writers bid below $20 per page. That’s more expensive than some of the best services we’ve tried.

There are no discounts at this website.

Quality of Papers

What quality will you get from Here’s the answer that everyone despises: it depends. Essay Writer does not have high standards when hiring its writers. Everyone can join the team and compete for work. If you don’t have any experience with research papers, you can still work for the company and bid on research papers. If someone hires you, you’ll deliver lousy work.

Students should be very careful when hiring writers at this website. Ask about their experience! Ask very specific questions about the matter, so you’ll see if they understand the topic. We did that, and we still ended up with a bad paper. It had plagiarism, and it wasn’t written well.

Revisions and Refunds

Essaywriter doesn’t have a good refund policy. If you cancel the order before it’s delivered, you’ll have trouble getting your money back.

As for the revisions, you’ll have to sort them out with the writer. If your writer is willing to collaborate, you’re lucky. Our writer acknowledged that there was plagiarism in the paper after we complained. He paraphrased those parts of the text. But this was still a paraphrased paper. Not a unique one.

Confidentiality has a safe ordering and payment process. The writer doesn’t know your real name, so they can’t expose your data.

However, the service is not safe in terms of uniqueness. You can’t know for sure if the writer delivered the same paper to someone else.

Online Reputation

If you start searching for reviews, you’ll notice that they are mixed. Most students complain about the complex ordering process and the waste of time. Only a few are happy with the quality.

Essaywriter is one of those services that don’t have consistency in their results. It has potential, but it has to set up a more selective hiring process. This way, you’re left with mediocre writers and you have to act like a professional hiring manager to find the best one among them. No student has time for that!

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