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Price from: $44.12 | Deadline: 12 hours | Discount: No | Refunds: Yes | Quality: low quality

What is Essays Master?

EssaysMaster is a master in academic writing or at least that is what their website says. This is basically a writing company that provides essays, as well as other services. We found a full range of different papers when we checked the site for our review. This is all good news, but there were many hints that the company might not be as honest as they claim to be. Keep reading this review to find out more.

Prices and discounts

We have reviewed numerous companies and would say that the pricing of Essaysmaster is average to low. It gets low when you add the discounts, but it is very hard to determine what those discounts are. When we are writing best essay writing services reviews on this website, we have full access to such crucial information. But, not here. Here you will read different things on different pages and, if you stick around on the page for long enough, you might get a pop-up for 15% off on your first order.

If you don’t, you will see a statement ‘chat now for extra discount’ where the live chat is. Essaysmaster adds a very minimal discount to the rate in order form, but the live chat agents can give you a code for extra discount on request.

Just recently we reviewed a website that had this exact same system and that was the red flag – this is probably the same service under a different name. Just look at the pricing form, rates, and even features like their support (as well as the statement: chat now for extra discount) on It is exactly the same as that of Essaysmaster, which means that this is another company trying to sell through several websites.

As for the prices, there are limited deadline options, but the prices aren’t all that bad. An essay within 8 days would cost you $16.94 with the added discount. That is, of course, if you don’t manage to bargain for a better discount.

Quality of papers

Even if you manage to get a better discount at, we don’t recommend the service now that we have received a paper from them. The quality is unmistakably bad. They steal a lot from other sources, do some poor rewriting, and do no editing based on what we received. We know that they use other sources to write the entire papers because an advanced plagiarism scanner showed 34% of stolen content from two sources. When we compared the paper from with those sources, it turned out that they used everything from there, including the bibliography. They just rewrote it a bit.

Revisions and refunds

The bad quality is a reason for refund, but we were not even given a revision. After half an hour of proving that the paper was plagiarized, they told us that we can get a free revision in a week. What student can wait for a week for a revision? And how is it fair that you have to wait for so long when it is the company’s mistake?


Confidentiality is probably the only thing that is really guaranteed at No one has reported issues with information disclosure, but this is rarely an issue with writing companies anyways.

Online reputation is not a trustworthy source for papers for several reasons. They have good prices but their information on discounts is inconclusive and vague. More importantly, delivers average to low quality, with many reports of them stealing content and delivering plagiarized papers. Because of all this, their reputation is as low as the other website we believe is a front for the same service,

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