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What is Essayshark?

EssayShark is one of the very few companies who let you pick the writer for your paper. Instead of choosing a writer they find to be most suitable for your paper and subject, the company provides you with writers’ profiles and portfolios and allows you to make the choice.

Would you be interested in choosing your own writer? This system comes with various advantages and disadvantages, and is mostly up to the customer if they prefer this option to others.

However, in order for this system to be a success, a company would have to offer various features such as quality content, experienced writers and strict guarantees. For those wondering if Essay Shark has what it takes to be your content provider, we have written another review to help you make a decision.

Read our essayshark.com review to learn more about the company.

Services Offered

One of the biggest advantages of a bidding system is the variety of academic papers. Since the company allows writers to bid on papers, they cannot limit the number of services offered, which means that you can offer any paper you need from this company.

This is a big advantage and puts essayshark on the top of our reviews based on services offered, but also comes with a huge disadvantage. Considering that the company does not assign the writer to your paper, they cannot guarantee that someone will bid on it. Therefore, you may spend hours waiting for a bid and not find a writer who will finish your paper.

In the majority of cases, more than two writers bid on the paper in question. However, the more complex and specific your subject and paper is, the less writers will bid on it.

And even if they do, the company cannot guarantee that the writers who bid on your papers will be those who specialize in that particular subject. If you pick a writer who bid on your paper with the sole goal of earning an income, without having the qualifications and experience to write it, you are very likely to get a bad quality assignment.

For this reason, we cannot really vouch or judge this particular system. Students are given the chance to order any paper, for any academic level, but still face many risks by being asked to choose their writer.

As we said at the beginning of this Essay Shark review, it is up to your preferences whether you will choose this system or allow a service to pick the most eloquent writer for your order.


The second step in writing our reviews is checking the pricing of the company. However, this information is missing from our essayshark.com review for the sole reason being that the company has no fixed pricing to offer!

When you place your order, you need to wait for bids. Every writer will propose a bid you can later discuss and if you are good at bargaining, even reduce. However, it is up to you which price you will choose to pay for your papers.

After placing our order, we found out that pricing at Essayshark is not something you can rate as cheap, average or expensive. Every paper has a variety of bids that range from incredibly cheap to exaggerated, high prices. Therefore, whether this company will be cheap, affordable or expensive for you, it is up to you.

However, we would recommend that you stay away from the lowest bids. Even though these make the company the cheapest you will find on the market, they also indicate low-quality content.

Choosing a bidder with good experience in writing your type of paper and subject is the best chance you have at getting a high-quality paper. Of course, try to find an affordable bid since you would not want to spend a fortune on a paper.

Discounts and Features

As is the case in all our reviews for companies working by this method, we cannot provide you with any information about discounts. Why? For the sole reason that there are no discounts offered by such services. Seeing that the writers set a price when they bid on your paper, you cannot really expect a discounted rate from the company.

This can be both a good and a bad thing. If you are good at bargaining or lucky enough to have a great writer bid with an affordable rate, you may get quality content without having to spend a small fortune. However, the best writers are usually those with the highest bids and if you are not good at bargaining, you would have to spend a lot of money on the paper.

The fact that this company does not reduce the prices under any circumstances is a disadvantage. It means that you will have to pay the same price with customers who offer for the first time, even if you have been using this company’s services for years.

A good idea for this system is to find a reliable writer and stick with him. Having written many reviews on such companies, we advise you to stay in touch with a good writer and ask for a better price since you will be ordering all your papers from them.

Otherwise, do not expect any welcoming, first-order discount, or a reduced price based on accumulated orders.

Customer Support

Unfortunately, this company’s customer service is disappointing. They do not have a live chat option, which means that you would have to wait a while until an agent replies to your query in the support section.

According to the website information, their agents are available 24/7 and yet, it took them 30 minutes to reply to our questions. Regardless, the communication went smoothly and the agent was very professional while answering our question.

Still, the lack of phone number and live chat option is concerning. For a writing service to function perfectly, they need to have someone ready to assist the customers at all times.

The company also provides customers with an e-mail, but we would recommend the support section over this choice. The agents take more time to answer to email messages.

Quality Level of Writers

No review is complete until we evaluate the quality level of their writers. To do this, we order one or several papers from the service, depending on their system and the feedback online.

EssayShark has varied feedback online and a very specific working system. For this reason, we decided to order two papers from the service. We did this to establish if every writer is as good as the company promises and if yes, why would customers choose a higher bid?

After receiving our essays, we concluded that in order to get a good paper, you need to be prepared to pay a higher price. The paper we ordered for a cheap price was of low quality, even though the feedback and profile of our writer was excellent.

This is very confusing, which is why we would recommend picking a writer with a reasonable bid. Our lowest bid resulted in what we consider to be paper written by a non-native English writer. We concluded this on the basis that our paper had numerous strange mistakes and was not at all edited.

In the second case, we got a solid paper for the price we paid. It took us some time to pick the most eloquent writer for an average quote, but this resulted to be a good choice.

Still, we cannot vouch for the writer you will choose. After all, it will all depend on how much you are willing to spend, how careful you will pick and of course, a little bit of luck.

If you are lucky, you can find a good writer with your first attempt. The fact that the company delivered a good paper for an average bid makes us believe that they have writers worth your money. However, you may have to spend some time and cash before you find the best writer for your papers.


Essay Shark is a popular company with over 500 writers working on your papers. The feedback online is very varied, but very numerous, too, which means that many students order their papers here.

If you do not mind their different system, you are good to go. However, pay close attention to the writer’s expertise and pick one that specializes in the subject of your paper. The risk of making a wrong choice is big.

Prices here can be the best you have paid for a writing service and fortunately, you can order any paper you need from the service. However, cheapest prices often indicate low-quality content, so stop seeing the company as incredibly cheap. Instead, base your choice on both your budget and the quality of writers.

If you find this to be too complex, perhaps it is better to choose a service that will choose your writer for you.

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    Essayshark showed up everywhere, they are quite marketed. After a while, I decided to test them since after all, they went through a lot of trouble to show up everywhere I open. Except for good marketing, they don’t have a great offer. I believe you can get better content for the same or even better prices.

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