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Would you be interested in ordering from a company that allows you to pick your own writer? works on exactly this principle, which allows students to offer every paper they need throughout their education.

Choosing this service would mean that you no longer need to look for your paper in the list of services. It would also mean that you determine your quote, not the company.

However, it also means that you have the responsibility to pick the writer, and who can tell if you will make the right choice or not? In order to be certain that the company will deliver quality papers regardless of your choice of a writer, the company would have to be one that hires the best experts and offers many other guarantees and advantages.

To determine if essaypro offers all this, we decided to write a full review. Read our essaypro reviews to see if this is the company you should hire for your academic assignments.

Services Offered by

If you need writing, rewriting and editing, this company can deliver it all. As we said, gives you the opportunity to order any paper you need, solely by choosing from the list or picking the option ‘other’.

The principle of offering writing services is different from that of other services we have reviewed. With this company, the customer is the one picking the writer, not the writing service.

There are several disadvantages, as well as advantages we can find in this way of working.

The first advantage is quite obvious – you can order every paper from the service. However, this comes with the concerning question of whether someone will bid on your order or not. And if yes, will the bidders be suitable and experienced in handling your academic assignment? The advantage of a writing service choosing the writer for you lies in the fact that they know their writers and can determine which one is the best for your paper’s subject and academic level.

Of course, once a writer bids on your paper, you can check their profile and portfolio. Still, considering that most of the feedback on these profiles is positive, we started to doubt if these are real comments. We decided to determine this by ordering several papers from the same service.

Even though this is not our working principle, we needed to make several choices in order to provide you with an unbiased review.

You will see the things we found out about the quality level of the writers later on. While focusing on the services offered, it is worth mentioning that this company allows you to place an order for any paper and any academic level. This means that if the company is good in writing papers, you have finally found a regular provider.

Prices on

Discussing the prices is something we cannot include in our essaypro review. Why? Because prices are not fixed.

Once you place the order for your paper, you have to wait for the bids. This could present a problem for students with tight deadlines, which makes the company a not-so-good-choice if you need a paper as soon as possible. After all, you have to wait for good bids and carefully consider all writers in order to choose the best one. This can take plenty of time students do not have.

Still, the company managed to provide a starting price for papers. Their starting price is $12 per page, which is not a bad bid. However, once we placed our orders, we noticed that only less experienced writers bid with this quote, which is why we recommend choosing a higher bid and better writers.

From our experience, prices at can be considered average if you choose highly rated writers from your bids. Surely, you can spend a small amount on the bidder with the lowest quote, but this can easily result in bad content. In order to prove our theory, we also ordered a cheap paper for the purpose of this review.

Discounts and Features on

Unfortunately, discounts are non-existent at

Seeing that prices depend on which bid you will choose, the company is unable to provide you with a discounted price. At the end, it all depends on how much money you are willing to spend, who will bid on your paper and which bid you will find most suitable for your budget and the writer’s expertise.

This is as complex as it sounds. The task of finding a writer was very time-consuming and frustrating, since we spent an hour waiting for more bids and another hour making the choice for our papers. Of course, if you find a good writer, you can continue working with them for all your papers.

Even though discounts are non-existent and a big disadvantage for the service when compared to other companies in our reviews, this may be the best opportunity for people who are good at bargaining. When agreeing on a quote with a writer, you may be able to get a discount on your own.

After all, you are the one determining the price for your paper, which can be considered a big plus if you are on a tight budget. Since there is no loyalty policy to give you better prices, you can choose prices depending on your budget at the specific moment.

Essaypro offers several free features, such as direct contact with the writer and SMS notification on the progress of your order. In addition, you can enjoy their updated blog and read many educational, interesting articles.

Customer Support

The live chat service works well and answers all questions in a prompt manner. You can also contact the company on their email, but do not expect rapid responses if you choose this option.

We would recommend using the live chat option. The agent here was more than happy to answer our questions and guide us through the ordering process. He also informed us that we could ask for revisions from our writer before confirming the paper, which turned out to be a great advantage.

However, the company does not provide customers with a phone number, which made us doubt if they are legit. After ordering from the company, we confirmed that it is indeed a legit service, but not offering a business address and a phone number is a huge disadvantage and big reason for doubt.

When asking the live chat agent about it, he responded ‘ the business address and phone number cannot be disclosed as our service is not welcomed by schools and universities. ‘This is not really an explanation since the majority of companies provide this information even though they are not welcomed by schools.

Quality Level of Writers

Finally, the question we have been asking from the beginning – how can you pick the best writer?

Fortunately, the writers’ profiles made writing our review easier since we could read information on every writer, as well as feedback from other customers. What turned out to be a problem here was that every writer had the best feedback, which we think is fake.

So, the best way to pick a writer is by choosing one who specializes in your topic. If you do, you are very likely to get a good paper.

We ordered three papers from the company. The first one came at an average price and with a writer who specialized in our subject and type of paper. This essay was well written and formatted, except for some minor errors. However, the writer gladly fixed them within minutes, so we were happy with this order.

The second order was made based on pricing only. We picked a writer who wrote on different subjects, but still decided to bid on our paper, which was a mistake. Expect to find bids from many writers who are not experts in writing your paper and be careful not to choose them. This paper was written in good English, but the writer had no knowledge or recourses for our paper.

Finally, our third paper came at the lowest price – $12 per page. This price was very unreasonable and therefore, resulted in bad content. We got what we consider to be paper written from a non-native English writer, since it contained ridiculous mistakes.

Conclusion is the place where you can find every academic paper you need, for any academic level. Furthermore, this is a company where you can enjoy amazingly low prices.

However, we would recommend picking a more experienced writer and avoiding the lowest bids. They are most likely to result in bad content. Seeing that you are the one who has to choose your writer and are not entitled to a discount, bargain a bit. If you learn the tricks, you may find this company to be a good choice for your papers. Still, it definitely does not offer the same advantages as other reliable writing companies.

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