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Price from: $26.31 | Deadline: 12 hours | Discount: No | Refunds: Yes | Quality: low quality

What is

Edubirdie is a name that repeats itself many times on the Web. You can find it in reviews and testimonials, but there are also numerous websites that are actually the same company. We know this because of their unique logo – the birdie on the homepage, as well as the blue website design. You’ll find, and even Interestingly, even though these websites have the same design and logo, some are bidding companies and others are not.

In this case, the review is for a bidding writing company. This means that you get bids on the order you make and have to decide who will write your paper. To learn how this goes in details and how well they do it, read this review to its end.

Prices and discounts

There isn’t a price that we can list in this review that can tell you how much you will pay on their website. This US company which we don’t really trust is from the US (considering that there are simply too many websites that are the same, but said to operate in different countries), has no fixed prices for written content.

They don’t have discounts, either. As a customer, you choose the price by choosing a bid i.e. one of the bidders who decide to offer their services to you. This doesn’t allow to offer you discounts or provide fixed or even estimated price range to customers.

Quality of papers

After ordering, we can tell you two things. First, their bidders frequently give low bids, which makes a very cheap source for papers. Second, you will probably get many bids since they have many writers working there. We received over 10 bids in the first 10 minutes.

After checking what delivered to us as their customers, we cannot on a clear mind put this service even close to the best essay writing services in ranking. The decision to order there was disappointing in many ways.

The quality was the biggest issue. It wasn’t good, not for a college paper, and not even for a research paper. The paper had minimal number of sources, many of which were not properly cited or legit. It also had plagiarism and mistakes. Even though the writer was said to be a US expert, his English skills were horrible.

Revisions and refunds

There are no revisions or refund on this website, at least not from our experience with or from what we read online about them. We were supposed to get at least one of these two options because of the bad quality and plagiarism, but none of it happened. Once we told them that we demand a revision or a refund, they ignored our messages.


There’s one plus from ordering here, but it is not something to praise so much considering that most companies offer full confidentiality. What good is their confidentiality guarantee if we cannot use the bad paper they sent. guarantees to keep your information safe, but what good does this guarantee make if they don’t have a quality guarantee?

Online reputation

The online reputation of paints a very clear picture of our experience with them. If you skip all the bragging and pre-selected reviews on their official website, you will read terrible things about the writers, support, and service in general in online comments from students.

All these issues do not allow us to give the service high rating. In fact, we consider this to be one of the bad choices that fall somewhere at the bottom of our list.

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