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Bid4papers is one of the oldest bidding companies online. Unfortunately, in this case, the years of work do not make for a standing reputation. Ever since they’ve started working, has been receiving rather bad feedback from most their customers. You can see this in testimonials from customers who selected a writer to do their paper. In almost every review, there’s a complaint about the essay writer, paper quality, or the support.

Because of every bid4papers review we read on Reddit and other pages, we decided that this is definitely worth investigating. The site looks amazing and really promising and yet, we discovered many things you should be aware of regarding their rating. You can read all about these in this bid4papers review.

Provided services

There is no limit to what you can order at Bid4papers. However, this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get it. Since it’s all based on bidding, you can order just about anything. The number of bidders and their offers will vary based on what you order and when you order it. Also, it takes quite a bit to choose a writer.

Most bidding companies don’t reserve their spot into our list of best research paper writing services. This isn’t because of the flawed system, since the system is extremely attractive. If the service hires only good writers and allows them to bid, the quality would remain high.

But, if they hire just about anyone to increase the odds of many bids, then you have a problem.

Prices and Discounts

There’s only a sample as to what a price could look like when you order. When we ordered we understood that the sample is nothing like the actual situation. They say that an essay would cost you about $35 within a week. But, we got much, much lower bids, making this a really cheap service

Before you get your hopes up and rush to order, you should know that such low rates will hardly ever produce great quality. The thing that most surprised us was that the writers who bid at less than $10 for a page seemed to have amazing credentials. One was even better than all the rest, even the ones with the bigger bids.

Naturally, that’s who we picked. And since this is a bidding company, there wasn’t a discount code or any special offer. You choose the bid you like and that’s what you get.

Papers Quality

Quality is a real issue with All those reviews about the writers and the false profiles turned out to be true. For this review, we ordered a paper. Our choice was the bidder with best background and samples, one that was supposed to be highly educated, native English speaker with a really attractive bid.

The writer was not really native which was obvious in the writing. Some of the mistakes were obvious, while others made no sense. There were entire parts of the paper that had to be rewritten completely, not to mention the parts that were fully plagiarized.

This definitely means that the writer was lying in his profile. With this system, a company must keep track of what their writers say and do, which is definitely not the case here. This service has very poor criteria for hiring writers, something that results poorly in terms of customer satisfaction.

Customer support

Speaking of customer satisfaction, one of the most important features of a bidding service is the support. Since the customer and the writer are supposed to come at a mutual agreement without the meddling of the service, all issues must be processed by their support.

The support is supposed to protect customers, but it did the very opposite. When we complained about the obvious lying of the bidder, the plagiarism, and the mistakes – the support said that the paper was good and we got what we paid for. It was rude and unexpected.

Online reputation

Online reputation is really important nowadays. If many people share the same opinion, it’s usually the truth. This time we confirmed that this particular service is not consistent in terms of quality of writing and support. Moreover, we detected their biggest problem – they’d hire just about anyone without even checking their background.

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