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According to, the percentage of students who opt for professional writing assistance is 70%. Accompanying this number is an invitation to join the majority and order your papers from this company.

With over 19 years of experience, the service promises to deliver everything a student needs, starting from 100% original writing to a flexible discount policy. Whether this is a company you can trust with your academic assignments or not, you are about to find out in our review.

Services Offered by

In order to write a detailed review, we look at every aspect related to the service. The first thing we evaluate in our best essay services reviews is the range of services offered.

Services at Best Essays are separated into few categories: writing services, dissertation and thesis services, admission services, assignments, online media products, editing services and resume services. This makes for an extensive list that, alongside with the most common academic papers such as essays, case studies, term papers and dissertations, offers a variety of less frequently assigned tasks such as programming and statistic projects.

For a student to be able to rely on one service throughout their entire education, they need a company that can provide them with the variety of papers they need. Companies who fail to offer everything a student needs may not be such a great choice, since you would have to look for a new service every time you need a different academic paper.

To conclude our services evaluation in this review, we’d rank as a good service when it comes to the papers they offer. Let’s continue with the next step of our best essay services review.

Prices on

The next part of our best essay services reviews is checking the pricing of the service in question. In this case, the prices are a bit steeper than one would expect if they check the promises of


Because prices start at $21.99 per page with the longest deadline option and range up to $60.99 per page for a 3 hour-deadline.

Still, after carefully checking their pricelist, we concluded that these prices could actually be considered affordable. The company offers the longest deadline of only 10 days, which makes the price very similar to other companies in our best essay service reviews.

Having a limited list of deadlines is a disadvantage, but the fact that this company helps students with a deadline as short as 3 hours makes it a solid choice for your papers. In addition, the lowest price we mentioned is suitable for a deadline of only 10 days, and would be considered affordable if the company delivers everything they promise.

The prices at Best Essays are calculated on the basis of quality and deadline. Interestingly, they do not depend on the type of paper or academic level. There are three quality options: Standard, Premium and Platinum and they all come with different features and benefits.

For example, if you order a Standard quality paper, you will be assigned a writer with an MA degree and be given the ability to enjoy free add-ons. Premium quality papers are assigned to MA and PhD writers listed in the ‘top 10 writers’ of this company. Finally, the Platinum quality comes with all these advantages, as well as proofreading for quality assurance, SMS notifications, progress notification and direct writer contact.

Discounts and Features on

As we mentioned, free features come with every quality option you will choose and these allow you to save up to $65 otherwise spent on title page, outline, amendments, bibliography and formatting.

Also, various ordering options come with some extra discounts and features. For example, if you choose a standard quality paper with deadline of 12 hours, you can choose to pay 70% less for the option ‘one of the top 10 writers working on your paper’. A premium quality paper with a deadline of 5 days comes with 75% off proofreading services.

In addition to all this, the company offers an inviting discount policy. If you become their regular customer, you can enjoy discounts that range from 5 to 15%, depending on the number of accumulated pages. Customers get 5% off every order after ordering 15-50 pages, 10% for 51-100 pages and 15% for over 101 page of content.

This is the most commonly offered lifelong policy and therefore, it is a good option for students. Still, we found no first order discount offered by the company, which means that you will have to pay the full price until you are eligible for the loyalty program discounts.

Customer Support and Site Usability on

The website is extremely easy to navigate, which made this best essay service review extremely easy to write. All the information is clearly presented on the website, and unlike many other writing companies, Best Essays provides visitors with all details, including services offered, pricing and even discounts.

If you need some assistance of have questions related to the services, you can use their three methods of contact: phone, live chat and e-mail. As always, the live chat and phone options are most efficient for urgent questions or concerns.

We found the e-mail service to be solid too, with the company’s agents answering our questions within 24 hours. Still, we would recommend the live chat option or one of their 5 toll-free phone numbers to get instant answer. All agents employed in this service were professional and pleasant to talk to.

Quality Level of Writers on

As the company promises, customers have constant communication with the writer in duration of the writing process. Once you place your order with this company, you can provide the writer will all requirements and keep track of the progress of your paper.

Depending on the quality level you will choose, your paper will be handled according to the priority list. Platinum quality papers have the biggest priority, followed by Premium and Standard quality. Regardless of it all, every paper the company delivers will be sent to you within the chosen deadline.

In our case, the essay we got was delivered a day before the deadline. The company’s agent proposed higher priority, in which we would receive our paper faster, but one day before the deadline was perfectly good for us. For this reason, we chose an essay service of Premium quality, this being the most commonly ordered quality with the company.

According to feedback online, delivers every paper on time, so their delivery guarantee is valid. Seeing that feedback regarding quality was very varied, we decided to do our magic and evaluate the company by writing this best essay service review.

Checking the writers’ expertise is one of the most important things when evaluating a writing service. After all, the quality of your paper will depend greatly on the writer and their ability to follow your requirements.

In this case, we were more than happy with our essay. The writer assigned to our paper was very pleasant to work with and followed every requirement we had. The essay was well researched, properly referenced and obviously written by a native English speaker. Considering that many companies hire non-native English writers to save some money, this was a huge relief.

When you place your order with this company, the paper goes through the hands of three experts. The company says that every paper is prepared by a researcher, written by a writer and proofread by a proofreading expert. Therefore, we cannot really say that the quality of our essay is only a result of the writer’s expertise. The team made a good job in writing our paper and we are happy with the results.

The only issue we had with the paper was the referencing. We sent the paper for a minor revision and asked the writer to use other referencing style, which was something he missed from our requirements.

Fortunately, we received the revised paper after only two hours, which allowed us to meet our deadline that was a day away.

Conclusion about

In conclusion, we consider to be a solid, legit writing service for students. If you need many papers, this company offers a variety of academic solutions. Their pricing are not high to start with, and are even more improved with the added discounts and special offers. In addition, Best Essays provides every student with the opportunity to enjoy various advantages by choosing a quality option for their paper.

The disadvantages of this company are very few, but still worth mentioning. Best Essays has a pricing that many students would consider a bit steep. Even though it is significantly reduced once you become a regular customer and becomes an affordable option, this is something you can only get after ordering a minimum of 5 pages from the service. Unfortunately, they do not offer first-order discounts.

Furthermore, their quality options are a bit confusing since the company offers ‘quality assurance’ only if you pay for Platinum quality, and they promise to deliver highest quality papers in every case. What we got was high quality paper with Premium level, which makes the existence of this option unnecessary.

All things considered, is a good choice for your academic papers.