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We scoured the Web for information about the year of establishment of, but there isn’t a date available anywhere. The website fails to provide such important information, which is very concerning and raises the question if the company is legit or not. Because of this, we checked not only reviews that would show us when the company started providing writing services, but also did our own research.

We learned that the company is very new on the market and as such, has very limited online presence. To learn the rest, read our AdmissionLand review.

Services Offered

Even if you look every corner of the site, you won’t find a full list of services unless you decide to sign up. There is a very confusing, minor list of services on the homepage, but this is not the full list. In fact, we believe that this list may have pushed away many who believed it is the only thing offered here. If you sign up, you will learn that this is not the truth.

admission land

Still, asking visitors to provide personal information such as name, e-mail and even phone number to access the list of services is ridiculous and very unprofessional. The worst part is, once you enter your phone, and agent will call you immediately without you requesting that call.

We did this to check the full list of, and the approach was very suspicious. We got the impression that this has already happened before, so we kept looking. As it seems, AdmissionLand has an excellent list of services, one of the most extensive we have seen.


Accessing the pricelist told us everything we needed to know – this website is only one of several that the same company has created to increase sales. If you check the company called, you will see the similarity immediately. The website design of is different, but the ordering form, agents, and pricelist are completely the same. review

As we believed when we checked the other site, this company is pricey when it comes to academic papers. The lowest price may give you the opposite impression, so we urge you to check the entire list before deciding whether this company fits your budget. You will find that the prices rise very rapidly. For example, a high school paper within 15 days is $20 per page, and the same paper would be $25 per page if you order it within a week.

Discounts and Features

AdmissionLand has no discounts. The website here does not even mention discounts of any kind, so do not expect any. And since we contacted the customer service and requested a promo code as new customers, we can confirm that this service offers no benefits to new or returning customers.

Customer Support and Site Usability

We mentioned the customer support several times during this review, but the actual impression we had with the agents was actually positive. We were very annoyed since one of their agents called right after we signed up with the service, but he was actually very professional and polite while discussing the ordering process with us.

Even though the prices were too high and there were no discounts to convince us to purchase a paper, we did this anyways to provide you with an evaluation of the quality.

Quality Level of Writers

Unfortunately, the quality level of the paper and the writers did not correspond to the expensive price we paid. Because the prices are high to start with and the company decided to stay away from discount programs, we thought that they work with writers who require such high payment for their impeccable writing.

This wasn’t the case here. Our essay was of very low quality, not at all fitting for the price we paid. The paper contained plenty of mistakes and a bit of plagiarism, which in this business is highly unacceptable.


The bad paper quality and no-discount pricing make us believe that you can do much better than This service is legit and does deliver papers in time, but the prices are too high when compared to the quality level of the writers employed there.


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  1. Zies1960

    Since their name has admission in it, I thought it is a fine place to get an admission essay. Now that I spent so much money on the essay, I think it’d go better if I wrote it myself. And I am no good at writing. That’s how bad they are.

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