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2.43/5 (7)

Price from: $7 | Min. Deadline: 6 hours | Discount: NO | Refunds: ✔️ | Quality: Low

Keep on reading to find out what it is about 7Dollaressay that doesn’t make them a good writing service.

What is 7Dollaressay?

7Dollaressay is an essay writing service that offers the most wanted and basic services, which include essay writing, book and film reviews, research paper writing, admission essays, assignment writing and a couple of more services. The range isn’t as extensive as it could be, although they do offer what most students need help with. Moreover, they offer editing services, which include formatting and proofreading, just in case you need assistance with a paper that’s already finished. Regarding their range of service, it could be slightly bigger.

How much does 7dollaressay cost?

When we set out to write this 7DollarEssay review, we wanted to make it a point to study their price list. Their prices are determined according to four factors:

  • The professional level of students
  • Number of pages
  • The quality level you desire
  • Delivery time

This is a standard procedure with most writing services, however, they claim to offer affordable writing and low prices to cater to students who are on a low budget. The starting price is low, as it starts with $7, however, it keeps going up if you want better quality, and to essentially get it quicker. This is something all students want, and by raising their prices, they aren’t the cheap custom writing service they portray themselves to be. It could be more expensive, but they are definitely not affordable.

Discounts and Features

Unfortunately, there was no section on the 7DollarEssay website dedicated to discount or special offers. They do have a refund policy set that guarantees every students money back, in case they aren’t satisfied after several revisions. The standard payment methods can be used to pay, such as MasterCard, Visa and PayPal. A service like this should at least have a coupon code for first-time customers if they haven’t devised a discount for long-term members. This is something most professional services usually offer, and something students love and appreciate.

Is 7DollarEssay legit?

Writing 7DollarEssay reviews wasn’t as easy and relaxing as it should be because their website is a bit too colorful and distracting. There are a few main points missing, and the organization of information makes you wonder ‘is 7DollarEssay legit?’ Customer support is pleasant and ready to give you the answers you need. You can talk to them via handy live chat feature on their website, call them or send them an email. By far the best option is using the live chat option on the website, as they are available 24/7. Their response rate isn’t as consistent as it should be, but most of the time their customer support manages to talk to everyone.

7Dollaressay Writers

Quality is the most important factor, and knows this since they’ve been around for three years. They claim to have a team of professionals that has both skills and experience. For the purpose of this review, we wanted to talk with one of the writers, which is possible, but only if you order a paper. The samples seem decent, if you take the time to read them, giving you the impression that does have a good team behind them.


Our goal to do an honest review was achieved, and when we analyze all the pros and cons, this unfortunately isn’t the best writing service when it comes to writing, but if you’re looking to pinch a few pennies and possibly spare on quality, they have all that you need.

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  1. Eubanks

    Getting a paper for $7 is very good offer so naturally, I ordered from this service. But when you add a deadline and pages number, it isn’t that cheap. If the paper were good, it’d be worth it. However, the price cannot compensate for bad writing. I’d rather pay a higher price than to submit this kind of paper.

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